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The Blackfire Paint Sealant gives your paint a new level of protection and an ultra sharp reflection that highlights every square inch of your paint. This formula (formerly known as Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection) uses newly developed crystalline polymers, which help reflect light similar to how a diamond does, creating an unbelievably luminous and eye catching shine. It's designed to create the illusion of wet paint, hence the former name Wet Diamond. Just one application makes the paint look much glossier with a significantly deeper reflection. Don't forget about the long lasting protection as well with the new Polycharger additive. Polycharger is a set of ingredients already mixed in with the sealant that helps interlock and cross link polymers, instead of having the polymers just rest next to each other. This helps the polymers form an ultra tight bond with your clear coat that gives your paint relentless protection. You can expect your paint to repel moisture, UV rays, industrial fall out, road grime and more for at least 4 to 6+ months. It applies very easily by hand or with a buffer and either method will leave the paint extremely slick and glossy. Few if any products offer such significant protection, sharp reflection and ease of use.