Beatrush Sound Generator Delete Red - Scion FR-S 2013-2016 / Subaru BRZ 2013+ / Toyota 86 2017+

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The Beatrush Sound Generator is just that, as it deletes the factory sound generator in your vehicle. Your vehicle comes factory equipped with a sound generator which is a tube that runs from the intake, all the way into the cabin of the vehicle. Its main purpose is to provide the driver with a more engine noise from inside the cabin. Some people prefer it, while others would rather want to get rid of the extra clutter in the engine bay by eliminating the generator pipe while providing your cabin with a smoother or quieter operation.

This sound generator has been fabricated from aluminum and will come with a Duracon cabin plug that installs just above the pedals. This particular Sound Generator Delete will come in a red finish and takes around 20 minutes to install.