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AEM Serial Gauge (2"): 19 Channel Serial Datastream Gauge (Includes Interchangeable Black & Silver Bezels, Pin Guides & Black & White Faceplates). 
Note: For Use With AEM EMS Only


This gauge installs on AEM EMS-equipped vehicles and monitors 19 Vital Engine Parameters using only one gauge! 

AEM's Serial Gauge plugs into the company's Programmable EMS and has the ability to read 19 channels simultaneously to provide reference for all outputs, including boost, AFR, EGT, H2O, IAT, knock, volts, RPM, vehicle speed, and more! Since it can read all channels at once, AEM's Serial Gauge eliminates the need to buy a cluster of gauges, or you can link multiple Serial Gauges together to monitor additional channels or to divide your readouts across a few gauges. 

Key Features: 
- Monitor 19 channels simultaneously----it's like having 19 gauges in one! 
- Works with AEM EMS only 
- User-programmable datastream channels (PC) interface 
- User-programmable MIN/MAX values for every channel (PC interface) 
- Includes two input buttons for scrolling through displayed channels and for clearing MIN/MAX values 
- 24 user-programmable LED's and three-digit center display (PC interface) 
- User-selectable alarm values include qualifiers to eliminate false warnings 
- User-selectable alarm priorities in the event multiple alarms are triggered 
- Two outputs included to trigger ancillary warning lights or other devices (lights not included) 
- Silver and black bezels and pin guides, and black and white faceplates included fo creating custom look 
- Quick-Connect technology eases installation 
- Standard 52mm gauge housing fits in most pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere 
- All necessary hardware and software included fo installation