Accessories Steel Wool - Grade 1

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The BMI Accessories Steel Wool will help you remove years of dirt and grime, restoring your metal surfaces to a like-new condition! Using a metal polish alone may not be enough to clean tough dirt, grime, carbon buildup and other contamination from your metal surfaces. This steel wool is specifically designed for car detailing and provides you with that added cleaning power to help restore tarnished metal surfaces like exhaust tips, rims, exhaust tips and more. The 000 and 0000 grades are most popular and safe options for car metals, while the 00, 0, 1, and 3 grades can tackle some engine bays, boats, vehicle restorations, and household cleaning situations. Pair the BMI Accessories Steel Wool with your favorite metal polish and bring your metal surfaces back to life!

Grades (Each comes in bags of 16x pads):
  • Grade 3: Great for removing old paint, cleaning heavy machinery and rough metals.
  • Grade 1: Smooth raised surfaces, clean copper pipes, fittings.
  • Grade 0: Clean wheels, tile, pots, pans, grout.
  • Grade 00: Restore aluminum, clean brass.
  • Grade 000: Clean and polish stainless steel, remove rust from chrome, smooth finishes between coats. This step is desgined for heavy duty polishing, so a second follow up step is required to remove micro-fine scratches.
  • Grade 0000: Smooth shellac, lacquer and varnish before top coat, matte finish on gloss paint.