3D Wash N Wax - 128 oz

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3D Wash N Wax allows you to perform two detailing steps in one easy to use formula, washing and waxing! This shampoo is pH balanced and creates a great deal of foam for a thorough cleaning. The key is inside all of the dense foam are cleaning agents that help encapsulate dirt and grime, allowing you to remove it from the paint safely and easily. Simultaneously carnauba wax coats your paint and starts to bond with the surface. Rinse your car once you are finished and you will be amazed at not only how clean it looks, but the level of gloss on the paint. This deep, warm look comes from the carnauba wax polymers in the shampoos formula and this layer of protection will last for 3-4 weeks. If you have any existing wax on the surface, it will not get stripped. Instead, it will be preserved and reinforced for a deeper, longer lasting shine. Combine detailing steps, clean and protect with the 3D Wash N Wax!