3D Poxy - 32 oz

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3D Poxy is a hybrid wax and sealant combo, designed to add gloss, depth and protection to your paintwork! Detailers may argue why they like waxes or sealants better because waxes generally add more depth and sealants generally protect longer. With 3D Poxy you do not have to choose one anymore! Poxy is a thick cream that spreads nice and thin with little effort, removal is very easy too. The formula features montan wax, that will produce the ultimate deep, wet look we all love. The polymers in the sealant part of this product will help protect your paint for at least a month. This means you get the best of both of both worlds with your favorite wax and sealant all in one awesome formula! Feel free to apply by hand or with a soft pad and your favorite buffer. 3D Poxy has literally everything you could ask for so grab a bottle today and make your paint pop!