3D BDX - 24 oz

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3D BDX (Brake Dust Remover) will help remove iron particles and fallout from automotive paint and wheels! Iron and fallout is not only ugly on the eyes, but can be a pain to remove. BDX is acid-free and pH balanced, making it extremely safe, yet powerful enough to remove baked on brake dust, road grime, and iron deposits with ease. Simply spray it onto the desired area and watch the formula go to work. BDX sprays on clear but changes to a deep purple when coming into contact with iron deposits. After you allow BDX to dwell on the surface, thoroughly rinse it away. If you have any stubborn contamination, use your favorite brush or wash mitt to add some cleaning power. The results are outstanding and you'll notice how much cleaner the surface looks and feels. This is a must-have product to use before you clay, polish or protect the surface. Don't waste time on stubborn brake dust and road grime, grab the 3D BDX and clean your wheels and paint faster!