22ple VG1 Perfect Vision Window Coat - 115 ml

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The 22ple VG1 Perfect Vision Window Coat is a specially formulated window treatment that bring you an exceptional level of water repellency and clarity to your glass. Ultimately nothing is more important while driving than driving safely, which can be especially challenging during bad weather. Apply the VG1 to ensure rain, sleet and snow will roll off the glass with ease and you can drive with confidence. This coating is not silicone based, so the finished results will not produce any stickiness or squeaking when dry. You'll also notice that you don't have that annoying wiper judder when using your wipers! Each application can protect for 6 months / 15,000 miles and possibly much more depending on conditions. In addition to offering safer and clearer vision when driving in a heavy downpour, VG1 also results in a cleaner window surface. This makes your windshield much easier to maintain compared to an untreated surface. If you are looking to keep your windshield clean the VG1 Perfect Vision Window Coat is the perfect choice!

Please Note: 22ple Glass Coat Applicator (Double Sided) sold separately.

Application Procedure:
Firstly ensure that the window surface is properly cleaned or polished
Wipe down the window surface with a 70% IPA solution to remove all trace of oil and other contaminants
Ensure all surface to be treated are fully dry, cool to the touch and in the shade
Spray a light amount of VG1 onto the custom made 22ple Glass Coat Applicator (Double Sided) and apply onto the glass surface with a straight line motion
Ensure all glass surfaces are evenly coated
Wait for up to 2 minutes and buff off the residue with a clean microfiber towel
Keep the surface dry for at least an hour indoors before driving