22ple Ultra Soft Glass Coat Clay

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22ple Ultra Soft Glass Coat Clay will help you remove lightly embedded contamination from the paint with ease! This truly unique clay is specially formulated without abrasives, allowing it to not only work well on bare paint but to work on a glass coated surface without leaving micro scratches. The incredibly malleable bar is easily shaped and with some clay lube, it will glide across the surface readily. It works great with virtually all clay lubes, so keep using your favorite one. You will notice right away this bar has the rare balance of great cleaning power but very gentle on your paint so you don't introduce marring. 22ple recommends storing this bar in a cool area in between uses. If it is stored near heat, it will become a little tacky but you can easily fix it by placing it back in a cool area. The bar will regain its original feel and work great for you! This is a really remarkable type of clay that will impress anyone who loves car care. So take your paint to the next level with a deep cleaning from the 22ple Ultra Soft Glass Coat Clay!