22ple HPC High Performance Coating - 50 ml

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22ple has been listening to feedback from professional detailers and detailing enthusiasts alike to help them develop HPC. HPC stand for High Performance Coating because it truly takes coatings to the next level. This coating utilizes silica powder which is significantly more expensive than liquid silica and delivers superior performance. On top of utilizing silica powder, HPC features a unique formulation of high grade fluorine. What does all this mean? The powdered silica improves the already outstanding 22ple gloss and the high grade fluorine gives amazing water beading results. This takes coatings to a new level and will really make your paint stand out against the rest. Gloss, gloss, gloss and more gloss! Your car will look like it is entirely coated in glass! Prior to coating be sure to thoroughly clean an polish the paint because HPC will last 3 ~ 4 years. Approximately 20-25 ml is recommended for a mid/large size car. If you are looking to take your paint to the next level with gloss and protection, the 22ple HPC High Performance Coating is your coating!

Please Note: 22ple Glass Coat Applicator sold separately.

Sizing Recommendations:
30ml - With some experience you can get two applications
50ml - Best value and if you are looking to perform multiple applications or want to apply on multiple vehicles

Application Instructions:
Prior to coating, always prepare paint by polishing to perfection. Remove any polish residue with a thorough wash followed by an IPA wipe down to remove any remaining oily residue.
Stir the content well prior to use
Apply a few drops of HPC onto a 22ple Glass Coat Applicator and proceed to apply it onto the paint work in a straight line motion, taking care that the application covers all areas without leaving gaps.
Allow approximately 3 minutes of dwell time (at 25 degrees C / 77 degrees F) or slightly longer in colder (below 20 degrees C / 68 degrees F) ambient temperature. Wait for the freshly coated surface to hazed up before removing the glass coat softly with the microfiber towel.
It is highly recommended to cure the surface under infra-red curing lamp.
If you choose to cure the glass coat under infra-red curing lamp, we recommend the following settings: Set temperature at 65 degrees C / 150 degrees F, cure for between 6 to 8 minutes from a distance of around 2 feet.
7. Under ambient curing, allowed approx. 2 hours to settle, then finished off with spray of VS1 Final Coat to complete the application workflow.
8. For infra-red curing, you may apply VS1 Final Coat once the surface has cooled down to ambient temperature. Do not apply VS1 Final Coat while the surface is still warm.

Durability: 3 ~ 4 years
Recommended: 2 ~ 3 layers, 12 hours apart