22ple Activate - 200 ml

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22ple Activate will allow you to prep your paint, leaving it ready for coating applications! When applying a coating, it is paramount that you clean the surface from oils, dust etc. first. This preparation process allows your desired coating to adhere correctly, protecting the best looking paint possible, for the longest amount of time possible. With Activate, you can fill in imperfections, enhance gloss, leave behind protection and prime your paint for a coating application. You heard that right, you can fill in and prep in one step, leaving the paint in great condition for any coating application! On top of the time savings, Activate will increase surface bonding and increase durability and chemical resistance of the coating. If you already have a coating layer applied, Activate can also be used as a maintenance product to help lightly fill in imperfections. If you are looking to apply a coating, save valuable time while increasing durability with the 22ple Activate!